Our journey from getting off the couch and onto the trail

The Inaugural C2T Destructible: Make Your Own Pot Lid For Free! (Basically)

My wife Cathy is familiar with this phrase, because whenever we get something new that has assembly required, or is complicated (like a can opener or something), she tells me I should read the instructions after I get frustrated with it. Cue the quote… Continue reading “The Inaugural C2T Destructible: Make Your Own Pot Lid For Free! (Basically)”


Bushcraft(ish) Episode 2

Today my goal was to scout out and begin setting up a “basecamp”. I had already done some scouting in the area I was interested in, and after a bit more searching and thinking I found a location that I think I can work with.

Continue reading “Bushcraft(ish) Episode 2”

Hammocking 101: Buying a Hammock System

Now that we have covered the basics of what a hammock is, how to hang a simple gathered end hammock, how to stay warm and protect yourself from weather in a hammock, we should talk about strategies to employ when actually making a hammock or hammock related gear purchase. There are many strategies one can employ when going about this decision, but in this article I will focus on three different strategies. Of course the first step to take before making any gear purchase is RESEARCH. Educate yourself on what you will need, and what is available. The links provided to our previous “Hammocking 101” articles are a good start, not to mention tutorials and articles by other enthusiasts such as Sean “Shug” Emory and Derek Hansen of “The Ultimate Hang”. Also, I can’t recommend enough that you join in the conversation over at Hammock Forums, a community of hammock enthusiasts who love talking about hammocks and all things hammock related. Their general willingness to share their knowledge and experience has helped me tremendously. Continue reading “Hammocking 101: Buying a Hammock System”

Bushcraft(ish)-A Different Kind of Trip


I’ve been thinking about doing a different kind of trip than the standard trips that we at Couch2Trail have taken in the past. You know, the kind where we drive for two or more hours to get to a location that we want to hike in. I decided instead to just venture out my front door and see what I could find within walking distance. Continue reading “Bushcraft(ish)-A Different Kind of Trip”

Hammock vs Ground System: Situational Advantage

Disclaimer: The author of this article freely admits that he is unabashedly in favor of sleeping in a hammock over sleeping on the ground in the dirt! Continue reading “Hammock vs Ground System: Situational Advantage”

Help Me Build My DIY Twig Stove-Prototyping

I was reading through some older posts on Hammock Forums ( and found an interesting idea for a ‘twig stove”. A twig stove is a backpacking stove that doesn’t require you to carry any fuel with you, but you simply gather twigs and small sticks when you reach your campsite to make a small fire to heat water/cook with. Continue reading “Help Me Build My DIY Twig Stove-Prototyping”

Total Eclipse- August 21st, 2017

On August 21st, 2017, part of the US experienced a rare total eclipse of the sun. Wanting to see the eclipse in totality, I researched a few different areas. I finally settled on Big Scaly Mountain in the Southern Nantahala Wilderness area for its relative remoteness and proximity to the center-line of totality. Aside from some intermittent cloud cover it turned out to be a great location to view the event. Continue reading “Total Eclipse- August 21st, 2017”

Why I Caught a Rattlesnake (or, Dude are you CRAZY?)

Cathy and I recently hiked on the Hickory Creek Trail in the Cohutta Wilderness, and we documented the trip and prepared a trip video that can be seen here.

Continue reading “Why I Caught a Rattlesnake (or, Dude are you CRAZY?)”

Meet Supergirl

On February 23, 2017, John and I finished the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. That day the plan was to start at Blue Ridge Gap and hike at least to Bly Gap, just past the North Carolina border. We intended to take some photos of our hike and do a video or two to document our journey. It was a beautiful day for hiking, cool but not cold. If all went well, we knew this would be the day we made it to the border, so we were super excited about completing our goal. Continue reading “Meet Supergirl”

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