Welcome to our blog! Let me begin our story by giving you some background information. Up until November 2015, John and I were couch potatoes. I mean major couch potatoes. We would come home from work tired and exhausted and all we wanted to do was sit on the couch and relax until bedtime. We were both overweight and had no energy. Does this sound familiar? If so, we hope you will continue to read our blog. The purpose of this blog is to inspire other fellow couch potatoes to get up and hit the trail.

So what changed? We started talking to a couple at our church and learned about their active lifestyle. They are both in their seventies and enjoy riding their bikes on mountain roads. She can still swim a mile at a time. Wow! Hearing about their adventures made us begin to think about our own lifestyle. We felt pretty pitiful by comparison. After all, we are about thirty years younger than them. Hmmm… something had to change. We started by investing in some new bikes. It felt great to get out and ride again. It had been several years since we had done so. It wore us out at first, but then we started to feel a change. Slowly our energy levels began to increase. We actually wanted to do something other than sit on the couch when we got home from work. We actually wanted to spend our Saturdays out on our bikes.

December rolled around and it started to get too cold for bike riding. We didn’t want to revert back to our old ways, so we decided to start hiking on some local trails. The more we hiked the more we started to love it! We didn’t care how cold it was outside. We learned to dress in layers and that those layers could be shed as needed. Pretty soon we were planning day hikes to some beautiful trails up in the North Georgia Mountains. By March I had lost 30 pounds and John had lost 40! The hikes were paying off!

We loved being on the trails so much we decided to extend our outings. We invested in a new backpack for me (John used the one he had from when he was in the Marine Corps) and packed up our hammocks and other hiking gear for our first camping trip together. John had some prior experience with camping, although he hadn’t done it in about 20 years, but for me this was my very first time camping out… ever! I’ve always been what some would call a girly girl. I enjoy the comforts of my home. I was worried about camping out. What if I hated it but John loved it? Would I have to tell him and risk disappointing him, or would I have to suck it up and do it anyway? Fortunately, I loved it! We have done several trips since and hope to go on many more in the future.

Do I miss the couch? I do still enjoy some time on the couch, but I no longer desire to spend all my time on it. There’s nothing wrong with some couch time. I just don’t intend to let life pass me by while I sit on it. There is much to do, much to see, and much quality time to spend with the love of my life.

We look forward to sharing our stories and experiences with you in future posts. In the meantime, get off the couch and enjoy this beautiful world God has created for us!