One of the first things John and I did when we decided to make this lifestyle change was invest in fitness trackers. After some research we decided on the Fitbit Charge HR. This device keeps up with our daily steps, calories burned, number of floors climbed, distance walked, and heart rate. In addition, the website and smart phone app lets you see your counts, keeps up with both quantity and quality of sleep, and even lets you track your food. The phone app has a nifty little bar code scanner to help make logging your food easier. You can also add friends and have a friendly competition each week.

For us, this was just the motivation we needed to keep on track. In fact, it even became a bit of an obsession at first. One of us would realize at bedtime that we were 3 floors short of our daily goal, so off we would go climbing the stairs to meet our goal for the day. Sounds silly, I know. But it worked for us and made us more aware of our activity levels throughout the day. We are no longer quite so obsessed with it, but we still use it daily to keep us on track. For me, five days of the week I want to make my goal of 12,000 steps, 5 miles, and 10 floors. I also want to burn 2,400 calories per day. The Fitbit helps me to do this.

Maybe a fitness tracker will work for you, maybe journaling is more your style, or maybe you just need to buddy up with someone. Maybe you’re competitive or maybe you like to reward yourself in some way when you reach a goal. Figure out what motivates you and hold yourself accountable.