What is it about the trail? This was the question John asked me the other day. As it so happens, I had already been pondering that very question. What draws me to the trail? Why do I do it even though it’s extremely difficult sometimes? Turns out, I have several reasons.

  1. The obvious reason is that it makes me stronger and gives me more endurance. I am becoming more physically fit. I’m not so tired and exhausted all the time. I’m starting to slim down, and I have to be honest, I like that! This is definitely a benefit.
  2. It challenges me. For too long, I have lived in my own little bubble, my comfort zone. Being on the trail presents challenges that I have to face. Whether it’s climbing icy rocks or wading across a river, I have only two choices. I can either turn back or I can face my fears. I may not think it’s fun at the time, but I’m always glad I did it in the end. I am discovering that I’m more capable than I originally believed. My confidence is beginning to grow.
  3. I love doing something meaningful with my husband. I love sharing an experience with him that brings us closer together. We learn and grow together on the trail. Having a common interest and doing something that we both love has strengthened our relationship.
  4. Most importantly, being on the trail has helped me to appreciate God’s creation more deeply. Let me explain this one a little further in detail. When I’m on the trail there is so much to see. I am surrounded by such diversity. The trees, the plants, the animal life, even the rocks are all unique. And they are all created by God. I see the unique design of each one. I see their beauty and appreciate this beautiful Earth God has created for us. And then I start to think about all the knowledge and power that would go into creating the rocks, minerals, plants, and animals and it boggles my mind. I mean truly BOGGLES my mind. And then I look to the sky and I see God’s artistry in the clouds or in the sunset and I’m amazed by the pallet of colors. And then I think about all that’s beyond this sphere we live on. The stars, the moon, the sun, the other planets, they are all His finger work. His finger work! Imagine that! To Him the creation of the universe and all that is contained in it was a simple task. Wow! WOW!!! When I think about the universe, I start to realize just how small we really are. To God, the Creator of all, I must be like a speck of dust. Even smaller than that really. I must be downright microscopic. So here I am, this teeny tiny little microscopic speck, and yet… He knows me. And not only does he know me… but He also LOVES me. WOW!!! I get chill bumps and tears in my eyes when I think about it! Too often in this busy, crazy world, we get wrapped up in the cares of life and we lose sight of what’s important. But when I’m on the trail, I leave my cares behind and I just let myself be in AWE of GOD. He is worthy of our praise and that’s exactly what I do when I’m on the trail.