My wife Cathy is familiar with this phrase, because whenever we get something new that has assembly required, or is complicated (like a can opener or something), she tells me I should read the instructions after I get frustrated with it. Cue the quote…

“Destructions? We don’t need no stinking destructions!”

Today’s “destructions” are a simple tutorial (AKA Destructible) to make your own personalized camping pot lid. The pot I’m using is the Imusa 10cm Mug, but these destructions will work for practically any pot, assuming you can find a can large enough. My son and daughter-in-law drink energy drinks, so I repurposed a few of their empties for this project.

In the interest of full disclosure I got this idea from a YouTube video. I’ll link to it at the end of this blog post.

To start with, here is what you’ll need:

In no particular order, some gloves for safety, an awl or other sharp pointy instrument, a lighter, some paracord (cheap stuff is fine), your mug, a template (more on this below), a butter knife, some sturdy scissors, a marker (not pictured) and an empty aluminum can of your choice that has enough surface area to cover the top of your pot.

When I made my template, I made it about 1/4″ bigger than my pot all the way around the top.

Use the gloves, the cut edges of the aluminum can be pretty sharp! Using your scissors, cut the ends off of your can. Make sure to leave the part you want showing on your lid intact.

Use your template to trace a circle on your can.

Cut out the circle you traced.

Place pot in approximate center of the circle you cut out, and make four bends at the top, bottom and each side.

Here I used a combination of pressure from the butter knife and my fingers to crimp the cut-out circle around the top of the pot.

This part can be accomplished any number of ways. I simply (and carefully) poked a hole in the lid and threaded a piece of paracord sheathing (inner core removed) through, and knotted it on either end to keep it in place.

The lid actually fits tightly enough to lift the empty pot when picked up.

And that’s it. You can stop at one, or like me, make a variety. Obviously the lids are flimsy and depending on how hard you are on your gear, they may not last long. You can see I made several for mine. But, they are effective, and will make boiling water and cooking in your pot more efficient, plus keep your nested items in place.

Do you have a way to improve the process? A new or different idea to make a pot lid? I’m always looking for new ideas to do things like this, so share yours if you have them! Thanks for checking out our blog!

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Here’s the video I got the original idea from.