Hi! My name is Cathy and I’m a 46 year old wife, mom, and grandmother. John and I have been married for 25 years and hope for at least another 25 years together. We have two grown sons, Chris and Nik. Our oldest son, Chris, is married to Bethany and they now have a beautiful baby boy named Elliot. I am loving being a grandmother, although I feel too young to actually be one! Our youngest son, Nik, lives and works in Michigan and we miss him terribly! I am a third grade teacher and I absolutely love my job! My students are precious to me and I affectionately refer to them as my kiddos. John and I are members at a church that we love being a part of. Our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are our extended family. We are truly blessed!

John and I started our family at a young age. I found myself doing what most moms do, putting everyone else’s needs before my own. Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely no regrets for doing that. But looking back, I do wish that I had spent at least a little time taking care of myself. I didn’t take the time to exercise and found myself getting bigger and bigger. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. So what did I do? I dieted. I deprived myself. Did I lose weight? Sure I did. Did I keep it off? No way! I continued this pattern throughout my adult years. Yo-yo dieting. That’s what it was. I would lose weight only to gain it back plus a little extra. I would be all gung-ho at the beginning of my diet, but then life would throw me a curve, and off the wagon I’d fall. The problem was I just couldn’t find something I was passionate about to keep me motivated. I tried gym memberships and working out to videos in front of the television, but neither of these held my interest for very long. As a result, my diets and exercise routines failed… miserably!

But then I discovered a love for biking, hiking, and now even kayaking (our pastor and his wife introduced us to this one recently!). There’s something about being outdoors and immersed in nature that beckons me. I never even knew I had such a love for the outdoors until recently. Remember, I’m the girly girl who’s always preferred my climate controlled, comfortable home to the rugged outdoors. I’m not sure what changed other than I gave it a chance. Now there’s nothing I’d rather do than to be out on the trail and sharing that experience with my husband.