Our journey from getting off the couch and onto the trail

Five Tips for Getting Your Wife out on the Trail

This one is for the guys. You love getting out in the wilds, hiking and backpacking, going far and getting dirty and smelly. Your wife, however, isn’t as enamored with all of that as you are. You want to share your love of the outdoors with her, but she’s reluctant. How do you convince her to go out and stay in the woods with you? Continue reading “Five Tips for Getting Your Wife out on the Trail”


Hammocking Hack: Becket Hitch

At Couch2Trail our preferred hammock suspension method is whoopie slings hitched to tree straps. There are many other types of suspension, but we like our current setup. However, one disadvantage of whoopie slings is this: If your chosen trees are closer together than the minimum adjustment your slings can accommodate (the typical whoopie sling can be shortened to about two feet), your hammock will be too low.  No one wants to sleep with their hammock dragging the ground, or so low that it’s difficult to get out of your hammock. However there are times where terrain or surrounding vegetation may limit options in your chosen camp site, and it helps to have an alternative. Continue reading “Hammocking Hack: Becket Hitch”

Hammocking 101: Weather Protection

So far in this series of articles, directed at people who are interested in using a hammock to camp/backpack with, we’ve covered the hammock and suspension (part one), and insulation (part two). In this article we will briefly discuss protection from the elements, a vital area that needs to be addressed when camping out-of-doors. Continue reading “Hammocking 101: Weather Protection”

Overnight camping trip to The Pocket Recreation Area

Cathy and I went up to The Pocket Recreation Area in the Chattahoochee National Forest, in the Conasauga District. The campground was really nice, with centrally located restrooms that had hot and cold running water and also water spigots scattered throughout. It’s a really pretty setting with a scenic creek running through, and the fall colors really made it idyllic. The campground was also well kept and clean. Continue reading “Overnight camping trip to The Pocket Recreation Area”

Hammocking 101: Insulation

In the first article of this series, we dealt with the hammock itself and the hammock suspension- the minimum requirements to actually hang in a hammock. In this article we will deal with the another component of a complete hammock system. While not critical to actually hanging in a hammock, insulation is necessary for a complete hammock system to be comfortable in varying conditions, such as cooler weather. Continue reading “Hammocking 101: Insulation”

Hammocking 101: Hammock and Suspension

In my last post, I promised an article about the minimum requirements someone who was interested would need to meet in order to start sleeping overnight in a hammock outdoors. Because visually it’s difficult to picture some of the things I discuss in this article, I have also supplemented some of the descriptions with some short videos. Hopefully that will help you understand what it is I’m talking about.

Hammocks are really very simple. At its most basic level, a hammock is simply a piece of cloth suspended on both ends that one can lay on. Nothing to it, right? Well, yes and no. If all you want is a comfortable nap on a warm day, then yes it can be very simple. However, if you want a sleeping system that you can carry with you and use in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions then a little more thought has to go in to the process. Continue reading “Hammocking 101: Hammock and Suspension”

From the Couch to the Hammock: Why Do We Hammock?


Earlier this year, I asked Cathy about the possibility of starting to camp out, and somewhat to my surprise she said “yes”. Previously she had never shown any interest in camping out, and in fact seemed somewhat closed off to the idea of sleeping outside without any facilities and amenities available. However, since we started trying to “get off the couch” last November, she has done many things that used to be outside her “comfort zone” and camping outdoors is one of the leaps she has made. Continue reading “From the Couch to the Hammock: Why Do We Hammock?”

Appalachian Trail Three Forks to Neel Gap: Video and Map

In case you missed our trip reports for this hike, they are here (her take) and here (his take). Below are the video and map from our trip.



 Our VIDEOS and MAPS pages have also been updated. Thanks for looking!

Trials, Tribulations and Thankfulness on the AT: Trip Report (His Take-Abbreviated Version)


Cathy and I recently went on a two night/three day backpacking trip along the Appalachian Train, from Three Forks up to Neel Gap. I blogged about my thoughts before the trip HERE. Overall, I enjoyed the trip, but we did run into some difficulties and trials. Continue reading “Trials, Tribulations and Thankfulness on the AT: Trip Report (His Take-Abbreviated Version)”

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