Our journey from getting off the couch and onto the trail

Meet Supergirl

On February 23, 2017, John and I finished the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. That day the plan was to start at Blue Ridge Gap and hike at least to Bly Gap, just past the North Carolina border. We intended to take some photos of our hike and do a video or two to document our journey. It was a beautiful day for hiking, cool but not cold. If all went well, we knew this would be the day we made it to the border, so we were super excited about completing our goal. Continue reading “Meet Supergirl”

Hiking the AT: Unicoi Gap to the GA/NC Border (His Take)

Cathy had a week off from school, and we had been putting off our goal of finishing the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail for too long. After some “Google-Fu” research we found a small cabin at the Henson Cove Bed and Breakfast establishment that was ideally located to the part of the trail we needed to complete- from Unicoi Gap (north of Helen) to the border of North Carolina. Henson Cove B&B (we stayed in the Cove Cabin) is a nicely run establishment and the hosts, Mariah and Dave, are friendly, courteous and professional. Dave also shuttles hikers along the AT. Continue reading “Hiking the AT: Unicoi Gap to the GA/NC Border (His Take)”

Hiking the AT: Unicoi Gap to the GA/NC Border (Her Take)

Winter Break from school was the perfect opportunity for John and me to finish the rest of the AT in Georgia, so we took full advantage! We decided to rent a little cabin called Henson Cove up in Hiawassee, GA since that would be close to the sections of the AT we still needed to hike. We packed up both cars and the dogs and off we went. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got ourselves settled into the cozy little cabin. It was just right and met our needs beautifully. Continue reading “Hiking the AT: Unicoi Gap to the GA/NC Border (Her Take)”

Where’s Cathy Been?

Some of you may have been wondering where Cathy’s been lately. I know I have been silent on this blog for quite a while now. This past summer provided many opportunities for adventure and blogging about those adventures; however, once the school year began, things changed for me. You see, I am a teacher and the school year has kind of slowed me down a bit. I don’t think many people realize what a time consuming job teaching is. I’ve spent many days and weekends taking my work home with me, which has prevented me from getting outdoors as much as I would like. Unfortunately, from August until November we did not do many hikes. Once November rolled around, I realized this needed to change. Continue reading “Where’s Cathy Been?”

Hike22: After-Action Report and Video

On February 10th, a group of us hiked 22(ish) miles in an attempt to raise awareness about the high number of veteran suicide rates. It’s difficult to gauge how successfully the goal of the hike was or will be met. My hope is that maybe there are a few people who now know that a problem exists that were not aware of it beforehand, and who will now be more sensitive to the issues veterans face and will reach out to the veterans they know to try and make sure those vets are okay. Continue reading “Hike22: After-Action Report and Video”

Struggles Veterans Face: Possible Causes and Possible Solutions

My nephew Bryan and I have planned a 22 mile hike (details coming soon) to attempt to raise awareness of what I can only think of an epidemic-the high number of daily suicides among our veteran population on a daily basis. The inspiration for planning this hike can be found here. LINK Continue reading “Struggles Veterans Face: Possible Causes and Possible Solutions”

Suffer Fest on the BMT: A Cautionary Tale

My good friend and trail brother, Ken Brenner reached out to me the week of Thanksgiving 2016, asking me if I wanted to hike with him on Black Friday. Ken is an avid hiker, stays in shape, and he can really move down the trail. Continue reading “Suffer Fest on the BMT: A Cautionary Tale”

Five Tips for Getting Your Wife out on the Trail

This one is for the guys. You love getting out in the wilds, hiking and backpacking, going far and getting dirty and smelly. Your wife, however, isn’t as enamored with all of that as you are. You want to share your love of the outdoors with her, but she’s reluctant. How do you convince her to go out and stay in the woods with you? Continue reading “Five Tips for Getting Your Wife out on the Trail”

Hammocking Hack: Becket Hitch

At Couch2Trail our preferred hammock suspension method is whoopie slings hitched to tree straps. There are many other types of suspension, but we like our current setup. However, one disadvantage of whoopie slings is this: If your chosen trees are closer together than the minimum adjustment your slings can accommodate (the typical whoopie sling can be shortened to about two feet), your hammock will be too low.  No one wants to sleep with their hammock dragging the ground, or so low that it’s difficult to get out of your hammock. However there are times where terrain or surrounding vegetation may limit options in your chosen camp site, and it helps to have an alternative. Continue reading “Hammocking Hack: Becket Hitch”

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